The Buyer’s Guide To The Ultimate Rose Gold Tech Gadgets

The Buyer’s Guide To The Ultimate Rose Gold Tech Gadgets

You might have noticed the recent trend of rose gold appearing everywhere you look, from jewelry to hair colors and beyond. However, the latest market to get a splashing of this gorgeous hue is the tech gadget one and there are so many wonderful products now available.

Each of these provides both functionality and innovation of your favorite tech with the gorgeous color and style of rose gold.

Rose Gold Smartphone Watch

Nowadays, you can get just about everything your heart desires in rose gold that your heart desires from a rose gold watch to a rose gold MacBook. This unique color is a fresh alternative to silvers and golds that we see so often, and is the perfect complement to many different styles and looks that you might have.

If you’ve been searching for a gift for your friend but having trouble getting started, you can’t go wrong with one of the top picks for rose gold tech gadgets. There’s something to suit every budget, every tech need, and every style of person so it’s just a matter of narrowing down your search to find just one that is ideal.

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The Many Types Of Rose Gold Tech Gadgets

When you’ve decided that you want to jump aboard the latest fashion trend and get yourself a must-have rose gold tech gadget, your next step is finding one that meets your needs and wants. The best thing about getting some shiny new tech is that you might not necessarily need it, but once you have it in your life you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

While we can’t all afford a Macbook rose gold or fancy new computer, there are plenty of ways we can incorporate this stunning color into our tech gadgets. The gadgets have been designed to add simplicity to our lives, so if we can do while looking good then it’s well worth the money.

If you’re looking for a gift that can boost your mood or style, with one of the hottest rose gold tech pieces on your arm then you’ve found what you’re looking for. Here are some of our picks for the hottest gadgets available at the moment and all in the latest favorite color of rose gold. Once you have just one stunning rose gold accessory you’ll want to add even more to your life.

Fitness Trackers

Arguably one of the hottest tech gadgets in recent years, fitness trackers are the newest way to have a personal trainer right at your disposal in the form of a stylish and comfortable watch or necklace.

Women Wearing FitBit Alta HR

A fitness tracker has a main goal of recording your activity through the day, but it can also have helpful features such as a sleep monitor and heart rate monitor so that you can get a better picture of your overall health.

Most fitness trackers come in plain colors and are discreet, however, the latest range of rose gold FitBit and other brands have shown that these devices don’t need to lose out on style just because they’re practical. A rose gold fitness tracker is the perfect gift for a friend who likes to get out active or someone who’s trying to focus more on improving their health.

Smart Watches

Rose gold women’s watch varieties have been some of the hugest products sold in this stunning hue, however, manufacturer’s are now combining the practicality of the smart watch with the elegant style of rose gold coloring for their devices.

Smart watches are those that can sync with your phone and do a range of functions right from your wrist, and since you wear them all day it makes sense that they should look stylish too.

A rose gold smart watch would be a great gift choice for any woman in your life, whether it’s a friend, a mother, or a sister. They’re functional and will get years of use, but best of all they look stylish and elegant with a soft rose gold finish. These watches are ideal for someone who’s looking for a practical gift that can offer a little more than the traditional watch face can.

Smartphone Accessories

One of the best things about owning a smartphone in this day and age is just how customizable they can be. With the right smartphone accessories you can adapt your phone to something that truly suits your style, and with the addition of a rose gold accessory, in particular, you’ll be right on trend.

Rose Gold Battery Bank For Smartphone

Some of the more popular smartphone accessories include cases, jacks, and speakers, and all of them are available in gorgeous rose gold.

Smartphone accessories make an ideal gift for anyone, and they’re usually extremely affordable. Even if your friend or loved one has an older style phone, one simple rose gold accessory can give it a modern touch and make it stylish all over again.

Headphones And Bluetooth Speakers

The market for headphones and Bluetooth speakers is another one to take off in recent years, with people not wanting to live without their precious music. Recently, there have been some of the more popular brands jumping on board with the love for rose gold with a range of headphones and speakers now sporting this stunning color.

If you’re looking for a gift that suits everyone, you won’t disappoint the recipient with speakers and rose gold headphones. There isn’t a person on earth who doesn’t love having their music on hand 24/7 and best of all it has the trendy rose gold color to give it a stylish edge. This is a gift that combines both style and practicality, so you can’t go wrong.

Selecting The Best Rose Gold Tech Gadget

Now that you know what the hottest trends are for this glamorous color, it’s time to take a look at our top picks for the best rose gold tech gadgets. These have been selected on a range of criteria with everything from style factor to functionality considered.

There’s an option here to suit all types of users, and anyone who loves rose gold would be thrilled with any of these choices. For those with a smaller budget, there are some things to consider as well, and those happy to splurge a little more for style and quality will be pleased with the top picks chosen here.

Best Rose Gold Headphones: Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones

As one of the most popular names in headphones in recent times, it’s no wonder that Beats are the makers of our top pick for rose gold headphones. Although originally created by rapper Dr. Dre, Apple now own this innovative headwear company and they’ve ensured that their product is full of the same innovation and style that all of their products are known for.

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones On White Background


The Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones come in at around $220 for this limited edition rose gold pair, and when compared to others on the market that offer the same functionality but without the effortless style that these have then you’ll be pleased to have found them.

These rose gold Beats are wireless so there are no annoying cords hanging around, further adding to just how cool you will feel when they’re atop your head with your favorite music is playing.

These headphones have a bunch of features that make them a standout, with everything considered by Apple such as a multifunction on ear control that allows you to change music, increase or decrease the volume, take phone calls, and even speak directly with Siri.

This means you’re not fiddling around trying to change the song or take a call as you can do it all with this one product.

While they’re certainly great for all types of activities, if you’re planning on running or getting wet you might want to reconsider taking them outside. They’ve been built tough but the fabric on the cushioned ear comforters may become wet and damaged, so be cautious about your surroundings.

Other than that, though, there’s little wrong with these stylish headphones and they’ll give you a crisp and clear music listening experience like you’ve never heard before.

Best Rose Gold Fitness Tracker #1: BellaBeat Leaf Urban Health Tracker

For anyone in the know about fitness trackers and health gadgets, you’ve no doubt heard of BellaBeat before. This revolutionary company makes unique fitness trackers that are ideal for women specifically, such as their Leaf Urban Health Tracker in a gorgeous rose gold hue.

You have the option of wearing your BellaBeat on either your wrist or as a necklace, however, according to some reviews, it can be a little bulky around your neck so for the best usage you should keep it on your wrist.

Bellabeat Leaf Urban Health Tracker/Smart Jewelry


There are a few ways that the BellaBeat Leaf Urban differs from most trackers, with the inclusion of things such as guided meditation programs and a menstrual cycle tracker to help women stay aware of their body and possible changes upcoming.

On top of these, it also tracks your workouts, sleep, and heart rate so that you can get a clear overall picture of your mental and physical health. Best of all, it costs a little under $140 so it’s certainly one of the cheaper alternatives for fitness bracelets.

The design of the BellaBeat Leaf Urban is striking, and for those who don’t like the plain look of most activity trackers, you’ll love this gorgeous leaf design with a rose gold setting. This classical looking tracker would be a complement to any outfit or personal style, and it feels far more comfortable on your wrist than the rubber bands you might have tried in the past.

If you’re looking to get fit and active or just want to keep an eye on your overall health, there’s no reason you can’t do it in style when you get the BellaBeat Leaf Urban in Rose Gold. This unique piece of jewelry not only looks amazing but has a range of functions that can help you live the healthier lifestyle that you deserve.

Best Rose Gold Fitness Tracker #2: Fitbit Alta HR

Made in a stunning limited edition pink rose gold colored band, this Fitbit Alta HR is one of the most stylish ways you have of improving your health. These fitness trackers cost around $180 so they’re one of the more affordable options in the health tracker range, but not without compromising on any of the important functions.

The Fitbit Alta HR can track everything from your heartbeat, steps taken, sleep schedules, and more, as well as display your incoming text messages and phone calls.

The data is sent wirelessly to your smartphone so you can keep in touch with how your day is going, and even challenge friends to activity and exercise competitions throughout the day to keep you motivated.

FitBit Alta HR Special Edition Pink Rose Gold


Although the Fitbit Alta HR has one of the slimmest and most comfortable bands around, some reviews have stated that with too much use it can cause some irritation on your skin. For this reason, Fitbit recommends having regular breaks when you can, which might not suit those who are looking for constant monitoring and especially while they sleep.

Should you ever want to mix it up and give your rose gold band a break, though, the Fitbit Alta HR allows you to have interchangeable bands. This means you can have a color and style for all occasions, and save your rose gold for everyday use when you can enjoy it most.

There’s no denying that Fitbit is the number one fitness tracker in the market today, and you can get the satisfaction of health monitoring data straight to your phone all the while looking effortlessly cool as you do it.

Best Rose Gold Speaker: Comiso Bluetooth Speakers

When you need your music on the go but don’t want to compromise on style, the Comiso Rose Gold Bluetooth Speakers are your must-have fashionable tech gadget. These speakers can connect to your smartphone or iPod wirelessly to bring you an effortlessly cool way to listen to your music at higher volumes.

Some reviews have stated that the bass could be a little louder on these speakers, but in all other ways, they were exceptional value for the low cost of under $30. If you’re looking to spend just a little to get a lot of sound, you’ll be very pleased with the deal you get in the Comiso Bluetooth Speakers.

10W Drivers Enhanced Bass Comiso Bluetooth Speakers


These speakers are extremely lightweight to carry around, so if you have somewhere to be such as a pool party you can easily pack them up in your bag and provide the music for the whole event. Just because they’re lightweight though, doesn’t mean that they can’t pack a punch in terms of volume and you’ll be surprised just how loud they can be for an affordable Bluetooth speaker.

The best part about the Comiso Bluetooth Speakers is just how good they look, with a stunning rose gold finish that gives them the effortless elegance that this hue is known for. With these set up in your room or accompanying you to your next event, you’ll look like a million bucks and have one of the most stylish music players ever seen.

Best Macbook Hub: Satechi Type C USB Hub

When Apple released their rose gold Macbook, everyone went into a frenzy trying to get the latest and greatest color from them. It wasn’t too long before the accessories started to catch onto this gorgeous color craze and with that came products such as the Satechi Type C USB Hub.

This stunning rose gold hub has all the right ports to keep you connected and in a stylish format that you’ve never seen before on a computer accessory.

This hub from Satechi features two USB 3.0 ports, SD and Micro SD slot, and a charging port as well, which is an upgrade from their last device released. However, users should be careful not to leave this plugged in as a permanent fixture as some people have stated that it go quite hot to the touch so could be dangerous.

Satechi Type C USB Hub On White Background


Coming in at under $50, the design of the Satechi Type C USB Hub has been carefully crafted to give a sleek and elegant look, with brushed aluminum finished off with a stunning rose gold hue.

Even if you didn’t manage to buy a rose gold MacBook, having one of these stylish accessories is just as good and can give you the elegant look you were after. They also fit on other devices such as Chromebook Pixels so there’s no need to have a Mac just to benefit.

This is a slim and compact USB hub when compared to others on the market, and it carries around easily in your bag or purse for when you need it most. Best of all, there’s no need to download software or install a driver just to run it as it comes with plug and play functionality.

For the perfect mix of simplicity, practicality, and style, you can’t go past the Satechi Type C USB Hub.

The Rose Gold Trend

Over the last year, we’ve seen the rose gold trend take off and we can now spot this gorgeous hue everywhere we look. Women have it for their hair color, it’s the most modern jewelry color you can find, and now it covers our must-have tech gadgets that keep us connected to the world and having a good time.

Rose Gold Phone Stabilizer

The popularity of rose gold comes as people look for a modern alternative to yellow gold and silver, and never before has one color suited so many different looks and styles. With a rose gold tech gadget at your disposal, you can achieve the effortless cool that this color is synonymous with, and they make a great gift choice for that special someone in your life.

Tech gadgets are a great gift idea for everyone, young and old, and even those with limited knowledge of computers will find these selections easy to use. These products should effortlessly improve our lives with the power of technology, and with the addition of rose gold, you’re also getting a stylish new fashion accessory too.

Final Verdict

We’ve seen some amazing products here, all representing the must have items within the tech gadget sector, and all with the amazing touch of rose gold that we’ve come to adore. However, if you’re shopping around for a gift for your friend then we have to narrow down the search to give you our top pick.

For the active person in your life, or someone looking to improve their health, our top choice would have to be the BellaBeat Urban Leaf Rose Gold Fitness Tracker. Not only does this look like a stunning piece of jewelry but it has so many great functions that cater to the modern woman’s needs.

Young Woman Using Bluetooth Speaker

It’s a little less expensive than the Fitbit so great for those on a budget but still packed full of the features that you need.

If you’re on a fixed budget but still want to treat your friend to the rose gold accessory that they deserve, our next choice would have to be the Comiso Bluetooth Speakers. These are an affordable way to give your friend the gift of music that’s keeping in trend with the latest color craze of rose gold.

Whichever of these products you choose, whether it’s a gift for a friend or a way to treat yourself, you’ll be getting a gift that’s both practical and effortlessly stylish. With the rose gold trend continuing to grow, it’ll be no surprise to see more rose gold tech gadgets hitting our shelves in the near future.

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