Top 6 Tips For Your Sorority Party

Top 6 Tips For Your Sorority Party

There’s nothing quite like attending the perfect sorority party, and if you pull it off right then it’s something guests will remember for the rest of their lives. However, when it’s your duty to get things organized you want to be sure that you’ve thrown the party of a lifetime and that your guests leave feeling the same way too.

Before you can even think about sending out the invites, you need to have a few things organized first. With some careful planning beforehand you can be sure that the party goes off without a hitch, and comes together looking like an effortless but awesome event for everyone.

Gamma Phi Beta Sisters

Here are a few tips for how to get organized to throw the best sorority party your friends have ever seen, and be the talk of the campus for weeks to come.

Choose A Stellar Theme

This is the crucial first step to any great sorority party, but often the hardest thing to come up with. As a sorority, it can be difficult to arrive at a theme that hasn’t been done in the past, yet sometimes relying on the old classics isn’t all that bad.

If you’re part of a committee, a vote by all of the sisters can help to brainstorm ideas and help you come up with something great that’s bound to suit all tastes.

Greek Party

A party that celebrates the Greek life is the perfect choice for a sorority and allows for some outrageous costumes choices and food options too. Decorations can be simple, and there’s no need to go into too much detail to get the theme working

Girls On Grecian Party

Unicorn Party

For something completely unique, why not try a unicorn theme at your next mixer? Think rainbows, sparkles, and all this magical, and transform your party location into something wonderful and out of this world.

Pool Party

If you’re lucky enough to have access to water, a pool party is the easiest way to make a sorority even fun. Purchase a few inflatable water toys, such as a large size floatable flamingo, and you’re half way there with the decorations and fun.

Letter Party

This requires guests to get a little creative and wear a costume that corresponds with the first letter of their last name. Because everyone has a different letter to work with, there’s little chance that you’ll have double ups of costumes too.

Location, Location, Location

If you’re lucky enough to find a house big enough to hold a party, this would be the easiest way, if not, you would have to look elsewhere. Work with the desired theme of the party and see where you can set up close by.

Sorority Party House

Always think of planning in terms of bathrooms, size capacity, seating, and staging to ensure you’ve considered all of the options. Get a guest list sorted so you know how many you can anticipate, and of course, leave room for those stragglers that show up unexpectedly.

Party Favors For Your Guests

One surefire way to add some fun to your sorority party is to supply some favors. Rather than having a takeaway bag for people to leave with, why not give them something when they arrive? Some ideas could be whistles, personalized cups with your Greek letters, or even t-shirts if you’re feeling generous.

Not only will they be great to use at the party, but people can even take them home as a great reminder of the epic party that you organized.

Preparing Food And Drinks

No party would be complete without a neverending supply of food and drinks on hand, so making sure these don’t run out is essential for your party planning. The good news is with a sorority party, people barely notice the food on hand, so you don’t need to go overboard cooking up a gourmet feast.

Different Party Drinks

Think finger foods like chips and dip, sushi, or even a grill setup, and put your focus on keeping people fed and hydrated at all times.

There are usually two options for drinks at a sorority event, so you can have a cash bar on hand for those over 21 or stipulate a BYO option. Either way, ensure you give people adequate notice to prepare and put details on the invite. Having plenty of alcohol-free beverages and bottled water is a must so that nobody feels left out of the festivities.

Organizing The Entertainment

Sometimes we can get so carried away on the finer details we forget about what keeps our guests happy. A good party has a mix of activities for guests to enjoy as well as music to suit all kinds of moods and requests.

If you have a sister that’s skilled at photography they could be the official shooter of the night, and someone to spin the music and keep everyone dancing is ideal too.

Sorority Sisters Drinking

Prepare with a few extra accessories such as floatable pool toys, a table for ping (or beer!) pong, some playing cards, and other outdoor games that can get people interacting. When there’s not much for your guests to do they’ll bore quickly and probably move on to the next event, so you want them having fun and not looking for the door.

Prepare For The Unexpected

The key to organizing any great event is to be prepared for anything and everything to go wrong, and never let your guests know that you got frazzled. Consider things like a first aid kit for any minor injuries that can occur from having too much fun, a well-stocked ice supply, and enough toilet paper for the bathroom.

While these might not sound like the most fun things to organize, they’ll ensure your sorority party goes off without a hitch so you can keep the guests around until the early hours to enjoy. Dedicate one sister for different areas of the party, such as rubbish collection or music monitoring, and you’ll feel less stress as the sole organizer.

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