The Ultimate Guide To Rose Gold

The Ultimate Guide To Rose Gold

If you open the pages of any magazine or check out the latest fashion blogs, there’s no doubt you’ll be greeted with at least one item featuring a rose gold hue. This stunning color has taken the world by storm recently, and although it’s not entirely new to the world of jewelry and fashion, it’s never been as popular as it is now.

The rose gold color seems to come back and forth into style, with hints of it now and then, however in the past year especially it has made a huge impact on the world. There are now hair colors, fashion accessories, homewares, and makeup that focus solely on this romantic hue, and in particular, the world of jewelry that uses both real rose gold and plated.

Rose Gold Heart Stud Earings

Rose gold is not only a popular choice for jewelry in its purest form, but the rose gold color can now be found on everything from high-tech gadgets to home furniture. If you’re hoping to upgrade any part of your life with a few simple purchases, there’s no doubt you can benefit from this unique and romantic color to bring a touch of class to whatever it touches.

Whether you’re looking for something to treat yourself or a gift for that special someone in your life, chances are you can find the perfect present with rose gold. This color represents the ideal mix of style, luxury, and cool that would make anyone happy to own, and luckily enough it can now be found everywhere from headphones to engagement rings.

What Is Rose Gold

Although the rose gold color can be found in just about everything today, this amazing hue lends it gorgeous tone to the gold itself which was created back in the nineteenth century.

According to premiere auction house Sotheby’s, Russia was the first country to lay claim to this gorgeous colored gold, and since then it has experienced periods in time of great success, however none as popular or widely used as it is today.

Rose gold became well-known during the 1920s when famous jewelry house Cartier made a band with three entwined smaller bands made of rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold all linked together.

This showcase of rose gold made it first popular and from then on it has enjoyed great success for women’s jewelry, with some pieces now even available for men as well.

Rose Gold Headband

Since then, rose gold is not only a popular choice for jewelry such as engagement rings and wedding bands, but this hue has transformed to a color now available in all aspects of life. With everything from tech accessories, homewares, and even hair and nail colors now offering a rose gold touch, it seems impossible to escape the romantic vibe it offers.

But how is rose gold made? This unique material is a blend of copper and yellow gold which gives it the soft and romantic tone, however, the color can vary quite a bit.

The ratio of copper to gold is how it achieves this, and it can come in everything from a very pale and soft pink to a deep red color. Somewhere in between, though, is the common rose gold that we see today in our tech gadgets, homewares, and jewelry.

The Rose Gold Color

If you’ve noticed yourself just how popular rose gold has become recently and realized that it can now be found literally everywhere you turn, you might be wondering why exactly it’s so huge.

Although rose gold as a means of making jewelry has been around since the nineteenth century, we’re own now seeing the rose gold color appearing on our everyday items and luxury accessories too.

Young people, in particular, seem to love the rose gold color, due to its soft femininity and romantic look.

Women In Rose Gold Dresses

This color is ideal for young women as an alternative to harsher yellow gold and dull silver or white gold, and the blush pink hue that it has seems to appeal to our feminine side a lot more. For this reason and others, we’re seeing it everywhere and especially in our tech gadgets.

One of the biggest reasons for rose gold’s success in recent times can be narrowed down to the marketing genius of Apple. Although this color existed well before they were around, they have released a range of products from Apple Watches to Macbooks in this amazing hue and made the color fashionable and lovable yet again.

Even for those who can’t afford a product in the Apple range, you can still look just as stylish with any product that’s covered in rose gold.

The appeal of rose gold is that it speaks to a younger generation, and where traditionally yellow gold has been seen to be gaudy, this is a color that’s subtle and understated but with the option to jazz it up if you need.

Young women everywhere are finding ways to incorporate rose gold into everything they do, from bold new hair colors to must-have tech accessories, and it seems as though it won’t be going anywhere soon.

The Benefits Of Rose Gold

There are so many reasons why rose gold is celebrating its newfound success, but mainly because of the benefits it gives to the wearer or owner of these accessories. Here are a just a few reasons why we think rose gold is the reigning color of the season.

Wearing Rose Gold RIng

It Suits All Skin Tones

According to the jewelry experts, rose gold suits more skin tones than yellow or white gold. For anyone who’s ever found that these traditional jewelry styles or colors of clothing look out of place against their skin, you’ll be pleased to know that rose gold has been proven to match more tones and be a diverse choice because it has a softer finish.

It’s Instantly Timeless

There are not other golds or silvers that look as classic and timeless as rose gold, even though it’s really only seen such a huge boom in recent years. Rose gold has an instant antique look to it which can make even the cheaper forms of jewelry look far more valuable than they actually are.

It’s Subtle And Soft

If you’re tried on yellow gold, silver, and white gold before but found that it was too dramatic, you’ll be pleased with just how soft and subtle rose gold is. This makes it a great choice for both men and women with the option to go lighter to a soft pink or darker to a reddish hue.

It Works With Other Materials

When you’re using rose gold with other materials such as gemstones, crystals, and diamonds, the subtle hue of it can complement these far better than yellow or white gold. Rose gold can make things look simpler or add pizazz without being gaudy, so it’s ideal for a range of different jewelry styles.

Rose Gold RIng With Diamonds

It’s Durable

In terms of real and genuine rose gold when used for jewelry such as wedding and engagement rings, this material is even more durable than yellow gold. It usually costs around the same but sometimes cheaper, so in terms of longevity and what will last longer on your finger then it’s one of the smartest investment choices.

The Psychology Behind Rose Gold

Although it looks amazing on everything it touches, there could be other reasons as to why this hue has been so popular in recent times. It’s true that rose gold can add an instant touch of romance, class, and timelessness to everything from phone cases to photo frames, however, there might be more to it than that.

It’s no secret that certain colors can make us think and feel different things, and studies into rose gold have found why it’s so popular among a huge range of people. Research conducted by the Pantone Institute, known for their range of hair care products, found that people associated rose gold with compassion and warmth as well as style.

The popularity of rose gold, especially in the tech industry, has been huge, where traditionally we only saw products in bland and beige colors. However, by adding just a tinge of this hue to items such as phones cases and laptops, tech manufacturers and brands have seen huge success.

Pantone Rose Gold

By tapping into this psychology of the perceived warmth and compassion that comes from the rose gold color, we can now incorporate these positive feelings into our everyday items.

The Rise Of Rose Gold Accessories

Everywhere you look nowadays, you’ll no doubt spot a tinge of rose gold on offer in the choice of colors. This gorgeous hue has leaped out from jewelry designs to now be featured in just about every product imaginable.

Unlike yellow gold, metallic, and other popular colors in the same family rose gold actually works well with all others. For this reason, it’s become a popular choice in many areas as it can complement all skin tones and other products, making a great phone case, lampshade, and or wedding band.

From furniture to headphones, there’s no end to the fame of rose gold in our everyday accessories and here are some of the most popular uses.

Rose Gold Furniture And Homewares

Where once rose gold was reserved just for jewelry, it’s now become a common color to use for homewares and furniture as well. Because rose gold is a more subtle hue it tends to complement all kinds of colors too, but it works particularly well with whites, pinks, and blacks.

Rose Gold Decorated Sleeping Room

If you’re looking to upgrade your home and want a splash of rose gold, here are some suggestions for how to make it work.

Rose Gold Vases

A rose gold vase wouldn't just suit a lovely bunch of roses but could help any style and color of flower stand out. This gorgeous color gives an added romance to fresh flowers and can help modernize any home.

Rose Gold Bookcases

A rose gold bookcase is a perfect place to store your favorite novels, and because it has such an antique and romantic look it can make your books even more appealing and stylish.

Rose Gold Lamps

A rose gold lampshade is a perfect way to house your lightbulbs, and it can give off a soft and feminine look to any room. Whether you go for a matte or metallic finish, rose gold is the ideal way to light your home.

Rose Gold Jewelry

Although the rose gold color is widely popular in all areas of fashion and style, rose gold jewelry is also seeing a huge boom.

Woman Wearing Rose Gold Jewelry

Whether you’re purchasing something made from pure and genuine rose gold or want a cheaper alternative with rose gold plated steel or silver, these are some of the most popular options of now.

Rose Gold Bridal Bands

Many people today are opting for rose gold bridal bands as an alternative to yellow or white gold. This color is versatile enough to be worn by both men and women in varying shades and looks classic and romantic so there’s no fear it will ever go out of style.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

A rose gold engagement ring can help complement the diamonds and gemstones nestled within in a way that white and yellow gold just can’t. Because it’s a softer and more feminine approach it won’t look as gaudy as yellow gold, and it suits a wider range of skin tones as well.

Rose Gold Costume Jewelry

When you can’t afford thousands for solid rose gold, there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying this stunning hue with rose gold plated accessories. There is everything available from rose gold headbands to rose gold bracelets and cuffs, in styles and designs to suit every taste and with a splashing of this gorgeous color to top it off.

Rose Gold Custom Jewelry

Rose Gold Tech Gadgets

Undoubtedly one of the biggest areas to see the rose gold boom is the tech arena, with all kinds of gadgets now sporting this romantic and unique hue. If you’re looking to upgrade your tech and feel that rose gold is the look you’re aiming for, these are some of the hottest products now available in this stunning color.

iPhone Accessories

Whether you own a rose gold iPhone or not, there are plenty of rose gold iPhone accessories to bring your style into the 21st century. iPhone accessories can include everything from phone covers, chargers, hubs, and phone wallets, with this gorgeous color giving instant appeal to even the older models.


There are now tablets available from all the major brands in the rose gold color, as well as all of the accessories to go with them. Tablet sleeves, covers, headphones, backgrounds, and themes are all customizable in rose gold and give a soft and romantic look to your tech.

Bluetooth Speakers

When you need music on the go, there’s no need to skip out on style, and luckily you don’t need to with a whole range of rose gold Bluetooth speakers now available.

10W Drivers Enhanced Bass Comiso Bluetooth Speakers


Popular headphones brands such as Beats now make rose gold-colored models so that you can sport something as stylish as it is functional, and feel like a million dollars when wearing them around town.

Fitness Trackers

If you’re looking for added motivation to get off the couch and be active, a rose gold fitness tracker could be what you need. These combine practicality with fashion so that you can look good while you work out and improve your health.

Give The Gift Of Rose Gold

Whether you’re looking for a gift to treat yourself or want to share this gorgeous hue with someone special in your life, there are plenty of great gifts available in rose gold. Here are just a few suggestions for how to give the gift of rose gold to suit every type of personality in your life.

The Sorority Girl

There’s no doubt that sorority girls love all things pink, so they’ll be thrilled to receive a gift that has the stunning hue of rose gold. An ideal choice for a sorority girl would be some Bluetooth speakers for their next house party or a rose gold iPhone cover to help them add a romantic touch to their favorite piece of tech.

Rose Gold Iphone Cover

The Mother

If you’re looking for a special gift for mom on mother’s day or her birthday, why not get them a gorgeous rose gold photo frame with you and your siblings or a brand new tablet covered in rose gold brushed aluminum. Not only will it help them stay modern, but its soft and subtle color will fit well with almost any mother’s personal style.

The Health Conscious

For the health and fitness lover in your life, you can’t go past one of the many new fitness trackers that come in rose gold. These devices are worn around the neck or wrist and can help track sleep, exercise, and stress levels, all the while disguised as a stylish fashion accessory.

The Tech Lover

If you have someone in your life always looking for the latest and greatest tech accessory, you’ll be able to add a unique touch by investing in something rose gold colored. Almost every gadget nowadays can be customized to any color you like, and the rose gold accessories are seeing a particular boom.

The Man

There are no hard and fast rules that say rose gold is just for men, as this special color can be subtle enough to suit even the manliest of wearers. Men can enjoy rose gold wedding bands or other jewelry, and even a range of tech gadgets such as Macbooks and USB hubs in this stunning hue.

Satechi Type C USB Hub On White Background

The Office Worker

For someone who’s stuck at their desk from 9 to 5, there are plenty of gift options in rose gold that can help pep up their workspace. Whether you want to invest in some rose gold candle holders, photo frames, USB hubs or computer and laptop covers, there are plenty of options available in this soft romantic tone.

The Popularity Of Rose Gold

With a newfound love for femininity and color in the world of style and fashion, rose gold has seen a major boost as the hue of choice. Although not entirely new and with years of history behind it, never before have we seen such a huge appreciation of this gorgeous color and with so many amazing products now available featuring it.

Whether you’re shopping for something new to treat yourself or want to honor that special someone in your life with a gorgeous and feminine rose gold accessory, you now have countless ways to do so.

You can go with something traditional in a piece of rose gold jewelry such as an engagement ring or choose a more modern approach with some of the latest rose gold tech accessories.

Rose Gold Dressmaking Scissors

The best thing about rose gold, both in terms of jewelry and the color, is that it complements almost everything it touches. No matter your skin tone or shade, the backdrop of your home, or the clothes you wear, a rose gold accessory or item will look just as beautiful no matter what it’s paired with. For this reason, its popularity has received a huge boost and will continue to do so.

Now that rose gold has returned it seems that it’s here to stay, and this wonderful way to celebrate softness, femininity, and antique charm has now transcended jewelry alone to be found in all of our favorite products.

This resurgence of the stunning hue of rose gold will no doubt continue to grow into all aspects of our lives to bring a beautiful and romantic look to everything it touches.

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