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Rose Gold Plated Halo Ring Review

When you’re looking for that statement piece to add to your outfit but don’t have anything versatile in your jewelry box, rose gold is usually the answer that you’ve been looking for. This stunning color has made a glorious comeback and offers the perfect mix of classic and modern style that can make any woman look and feel her best.

This gorgeous ring from Amazon Collection features a rose gold plated sterling silver band with cubic zirconia in a double halo design, offering something that looks expensive but is actually extremely affordable for every modern woman.

About The Product

Amazon Collection has recently set itself apart as one of the best places to find affordable and stylish jewelry online, and their Rose Gold Halo Ring is no exception. This beautiful piece would complement the hand and skin tone of any woman and has a double halo design that makes it appear far more expensive than its price tag.

Halo Ring On Finger

If you’ve been searching for an affordable piece of jewelry that can complement any look, you’ll be pleased to have found this gorgeous rose gold design. This ring has everything you need for quality and style, including:

  • 6mm Champagne Cubic Zirconia in center of 2.9 karats;
  • Rose gold plated sterling silver band;
  • Cushion cut and double halo design;
  • Size 5 ring with the ability to adjust size professionally;

Pros And Cons Of The Rose Gold Halo Ring

When you’re looking to add the modern style of rose gold to your hand, but can’t afford the exuberant price tag, this ring is a great way to steal the look. However, be wary that because it’s made from a cheaper and rose gold plated material it won’t have the same level of durability as the real deal.

Plated Rose Gold Ring On White Background

Some reviews have stated that after a few months the ring began to stain their finger a dark green, which is usually the case with these cheaper jewelry options, however, the cubic zirconia never lost its sparkle. For the price, it certainly fares better than other cheaper rings so you are getting a great deal with the intricate design of this piece.

Where To Buy Your Amazon Collection Rose Gold Ring

If you want an affordable way to get a stunning rose gold ring without the hefty price tag, head to Amazon for the best deal. This ring is currently available for around $30 which is far cheaper than it would appear, and when you purchase more than one you’ll also be gifted with free shipping.

However, don’t expect a warranty on this as it’s made with cheaper materials and not intended to be a lifetime piece of jewelry.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for an affordable way to feel beautiful, you can't go past this stunning Rose Gold Double Halo Ring from Amazon Collection. This piece will complement any woman or style, and although it might be one of the more affordable options it certainly looks like the real deal.

Purchase this ring for your collection and you won’t be disappointed by the positive remarks you receive.


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