GoFloats Giant Floatable Flamingo Review

GoFloats Giant Floatable Flamingo Review

Nothing says fun like an afternoon in the pool, whether you’re relaxing and working on a tan or enjoying some cocktails as you lounge around. However, no pool would be complete without a quality giant sized floatable toy within, and the flamingo is the only style you need.

The trend of these oversized pool toys has only just begun to take off, so why not jump on board and add a giant sized flamingo to your pool to make your next event a splash?

Whether you want it as a nice relaxation device or something to break the ice and kick your party off, you can’t go wrong with the GoFloats Giant Floatable Flamingo.

About The Product

GoFloats are a trusted name in pool supplies, with their specialty being to create large sized and high-quality pool toys. The Giant Floatable Flamingo is one of their top sellers, with all the right features and designs to bring the life into any pool party.

Young Girl Pulling Floatable Flamingo

If you’re looking for the perfect accompaniment to your next pool party, this is the only choice. When you purchase the GoFloats Giant Floatable Flamingo, you’ll be receiving:

  • Premium raft grade vinyl that’s 25% thicker than other brands;
  • Headrest and two cup holders built into the design;
  • Quick inflate valve takes only two minutes to fill;
  • 6’ tall x 5’ wide x 4’ tall;

The Good And Bad Of The GoFloats Flamingo

This is one of the most durable pool toys you’ll find on the market, with many users stating just how thick and reliable it felt even when not in the water. Best of all, it has a valve built in which means you can inflate it in just a few minutes without any hard work required.

Girls On GoFloats Floatmingo Giant Inflatable Flamingo

Although this product states you can fit two adults on if you’re buying it for the comfort level you might not want to share with anyone. You can fit two people on and even use the dual cup holders, but it’s always best to have your own in the pool.

Where To Buy Your GoFloats Flamingo

To stop wasting time and add the GoFloats Flamingo to your next pool party must-have list, Amazon currently has the best value for money. You can get this oversize flamingo shipped for free for just under $50. Considering the thick and reliable quality, it’s certainly one of the better priced pool toys you’ll find.

Final Thoughts

The GoFloats Floatable Flamingo is one of the best products to come from this respected water play brand, and it’s a lovable character that suits all kind of pools from children’s parties to sorority events. Purchase the GoFloats Floatable Flamingo and begin having fun like never before in your pool.


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