FitBit Alta HR, Special Edition Review

FitBit Alta HR Activity Tracker Review

If you’re looking for a way to get fitter and healthier, but need a bit of extra motivation, you might have considered one of the latest and greatest activity trackers. With one of these monitors, you can get a clear picture of your activity levels so that you can make changes to your lifestyle and be the best you that you can be.

However, many of the designs of these trackers are bulky and dated looking, without leaving much room for a classic feminine touch. This is where the FitBit Alta HR comes in, and with a stunning limited edition rose gold design, you’ll feel more stylish than ever as you hit your fitness and health goals.

About The Tracker

When you think of activity trackers, there’s no doubt that FitBit is the first brand that comes to mind. Well known for creating innovative and quality health tracking systems that you can wear discreetly on your body is what they’re best at, and this rose gold design is no different.

Rose Gold Edition Fitbit Alta HR

The Fitbit Alta HR Rose Gold Activity Tracker has all of the features you look for in a health tracking system without overcrowding the accessory, including:

  • Wireless and automatic syncing to your smartphone;
  • Smart Track recognizes exercises like running and biking;
  • Auto Sleep Tracking shows you different sleep stages;
  • Thin band and modern rose gold design;
  • Screen displaying stats, phone calls, messages, and time.

The Good And The Bad Of The FitBit Alta HR

The best thing about the FitBit Alta HR is the size and comfort it offers, especially for a smaller and more petite female wrist. If you’ve tried the other brands and found them uncomfortable during a workout, you’ll be surprised how you can wear this all day and not even notice it’s there.

Women Wearing FitBit Alta HR

Best of all, it has a gorgeous rose gold color and the option to adjust bands whenever you like so it can suit all styles and looks.

You’ll need to spend some time adjusting it when you first wear it though, as some reviews stated that you needed to walk quite firmly for it to monitor. However, these have been designed to work with your unique movements so it can take time to get used to your body specifically.

Buying Your FitBit Alta HR

If you’ve decided that it’s time to start tracking your health for greater results, you’ll be pleased to know the Rose Gold Fitbit Alta HR is available for a great price through Amazon. Right now, you can get this activity tracker for around $180 which is exceptional value compared to other trackers, and it comes with a one year warranty too.

FitBit Alta HR Special Edition Pink Rose Gold

Final Verdict

When you’re ready to invest in a fitness tracker and don’t want to settle for second best, you won’t be disappointed by everything the FitBit Alta HR in Rose Gold can offer. Purchase this revolutionary tracker today, and help it reach your health goals in a stylish way.


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