The Buyer’s Guide To The Best Rose Gold Accessories

The Buyer’s Guide To The Best Rose Gold Accessories

When you’re on the hunt for your next piece of jewelry, you usually have just a couple of options to consider. For most women the choice between yellow gold, white gold, and silver was really all she had; at least before the trend of rose gold took off in recent times.

Although these colors of jewelry are all beautiful in their own way, nothing can really compare to the look you achieve with a piece of rose gold jewelry adorning your wrist or finger, and there are so many gorgeous designs to choose from nowadays.

Rose Gold Bracelet With Pendant

Rose gold has been the hottest hue of the year, with everything from hair to fashion following this color, so it’s no surprise that our accessories now feature it too. However, nothing has been more popular than rose gold accessories and jewelry thanks to the unique and romantic look it can give the wearer and in a far more modern style than yellow gold or silver.

Rose gold is made from a mix of gold and copper alloy which gives it this beautiful hue, and many people now prefer to have their everyday jewelry made from it and even rose gold rings for weddings and engagements.

Best of all rose gold is the strongest of all when compared to white and yellow gold, so although it might look dainty and romantic it’s actually extremely durable and reliable for a lifetime piece.

With so many rose gold accessories now available, it can be hard finding something that suits your needs specifically. For that reason, we’ve compiled this handy buying guide that looks at all types of rose gold accessories from rings to bracelets and covers a range of budgets and styles as well.

Rose Gold Alarm Clock

With this in hand, you’ll be able to sort the bad from the good and find something that complements your looks precisely.

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Rose Gold Jewelry Pieces

When rose gold was first premiered years ago in the nineteenth century it was much loved, however it never gained as much popularity as it has now. This romantic and uniquely tinged gold is now one of the most loved colors for jewelry, no matter the design you wear.

Rose gold can be understated or dramatic and is so versatile that it works with all looks and styles. Here are just a few key pieces of rose gold accessories you might be interested in to update your look.

Rose Gold Rings

A rose gold ring can cover everything from bridal jewelry including engagement rings and solid rose gold wedding bands to simple costume jewelry made from rose gold plated steel. These rings can either have diamonds or gemstones within or just a simple rose gold band for a romantic but understated look.

Rose Gold Crown Ring

Rose Gold Necklace

The range of rose gold necklaces is quite varied, depending on the style of the wearer and what they prefer. Some are simple with just a chain, whereas others have pendants made from rose gold and even diamonds or gemstones too. Rose gold necklaces can be made from pure gold or plated sterling silver, each with their own benefits.

Rose Gold Bracelet

A rose gold bracelet is a perfect accompaniment to any wrist, and this color of gold usually complements more skin tones than yellow or white gold does. Bracelets can be a thinner chain or something thick, with the possibility of engraving on the bigger bands, and they are usually made from plated sterling silver or stainless steel.

Other Rose Gold Jewelry

Some other popular rose gold jewelry options include rose gold watches, rose gold headbands and hair pieces, and rose gold fitness trackers. Any fashion accessory that was traditionally made from silver or yellow gold can now be found in this stunning hue, so it’s certainly taken over the world of fashion in recent times.

Woman Wearing Rose Gold Headband

The Must Have Features Of Rose Gold Accessories

When you’re on the hunt for new jewelry, there are some special considerations you should make to ensure you get the best for your money. Although these aren’t all specific to rose gold, in particular, they’re important to contemplate before you purchase any new rose gold accessories.


There is quite a vast price range for rose gold accessories, depending on what the user is happy to spend. There is costume style jewelry available for cheap although it won’t be as high quality, and the more expensive but genuine rose gold which can cost upwards of thousands of dollars.


The design of your rose gold accessory will depend on what you prefer, as there is something to suit all tastes. Rose gold can be quite bland and understated if you wish, however it perfectly complements diamonds and other gemstones if you wish to add boldness to it.

Hanging Rose Gold Hangers


The highest karat possible of rose gold is known as crown gold, and it’s 22 karats. The most popular karats for jewelry is 18 karat or 14 karats and both are considered good quality. If a band is plated, you’ll need to look for quality stainless steel or sterling silver underneath to ensure it won’t rust or tarnish.

Type Of Rose Gold

When you’re purchasing jewelry, you generally have two options to consider for rose gold. Firstly, there is pure rose gold which is more expensive but far better quality, and then there is plated rose gold which features a coating of rose gold usually over something such as stainless steel.

When you’ve considered how much you want to spend on your new rose gold accessory and the type of quality you’re after, all you need to do is choose what piece you want. Whether you’re after bridal jewelry or a statement bracelet, we’ve found the best possible choices to suit every style and budget.

The Best Rose Gold Jewelry

If you’re looking to get the romantic elegance that only rose gold can offer but don’t have thousands to spare, there are still some quality and gorgeous rose gold accessories available to purchase.

Woman Wearing Rose Gold Bracelets

These are our top choices for rose gold accessories that are affordable for everyone, and suit all kinds of personal style.

Kendasun Rose Gold Bracelet

When you’re searching for a piece of jewelry that can not only make you look good but feel good too, this rose gold cuff bracelet from Kendasun can deliver on both fronts. This gorgeous cuff is made from durable stainless steel and plated with rose gold provides durability with the romantic elegance that rose gold is known for in the world of jewelry.

Although many people like to have their jewelry engraved, this one already comes with a special message, so if you’re looking for a ready made gift or just some words of inspiration for yourself then you’ll love what this features.

This gorgeous rose gold bracelet would make an ideal gift for a mother or friend, however, if you were hoping to buy something that you could personalize yourself then you might need to look for a plain cuff style bracelet.

Kendasun Rose Gold Bracelet On White Background


Because this has been made with stainless steel it’s extremely durable, and there’s no fear that it will rust or corrode over time. The stainless steel also allows it to be lightweight, however, it’s flexible enough that you can bend it to get it on and tighten it up should it be too loose.

With the rose gold plating you can’t even tell that it’s not made entirely of this material, so for under $18, it’s exceptional value.

If you’re looking for a rose gold bracelet but don’t have the funds to buy something pure, this is a great substitute in so many ways. It’s simple and stylish, won’t corrode or rust, and looks just like the real thing when adorning your wrist. There’s no need to spend hundreds or thousands just to enjoy the romantic uniqueness that is rose gold, and this bracelet proves it.

Mariell Rose Gold Bracelet

When you’re looking for a bit of extra pizazz in your jewelry, this stunning rose gold bracelet from Mariell could be exactly what you’ve been searching for. With gorgeous rose gold tones underlying the bracelet and stunning gems and morganite placed delicately around, it’s certainly a standout piece that you won’t find anywhere else.

Rose gold is one of the best tones to complement diamonds, gems, and other stones, and this is evident with the Mariell rose gold bracelet. The champagne blush gems look right at home nestled within the rose gold plated band. If you’re looking for something for bridesmaids, brides, or special occasions, this will help you feel romantic and glamorous all for an affordable price.

Mariell Rose Gold Bracelet On White Background


This bracelet from Mariell comes with a lifetime guarantee on quality and a 100% returns policy, so if you’re unhappy with the looks or it breaks somehow you can return it for a refund. Considering it costs around $20 this is quite an offer and speaks for just how high quality the gems and plating are.

However, if the reviews are anything to go by then most customers were extremely pleased with what they received considering it’s a piece of affordable costume jewelry.

Be cautious if purchasing this that the size can run a little small, so if you don’t have smaller wrists then you might find it a little tight. However for children or teens, it would be ideal, or those with petite hands and arms. It’s the perfect accompaniment to dress up a casual outfit or adorn the wrist of someone going to prom or a wedding.

With the lifetime guarantee behind it too, you can be sure it will bring you a lifetime of compliments from others when they see it on your wrist.

Amazon Collection Rose Gold Ring

For a ring that stands out from the crowd and makes you feel as though you were a princess straight from a fairytale, this rose gold ring from Amazon Collection has to be your top choice. Made from stunning rose gold plated sterling silver, it has both durability and a sleek and elegant look behind it to bring you affordable jewelry that looks like a million dollars.

This ring features a cushion cut 6mm cubic zirconia that looks just like a diamond and its champagne color complements the rose gold hue perfectly.

Amazon Collection Rose Gold Ring On White Background


Whether you’re looking for something to wear each day to style up your usual outfits or want to save it just for special occasions, you’ll feel better than ever when you have the Amazon Collection Rose Gold Ring upon your finger. Alternatively, if you’re planning on a bridal rose gold band, this would be the perfect accompaniment to balance out the looks too.

One slight issue with this ring comes when you wear it quite a lot, as some reviews have noted that it leaves a green stain after prolonged use. However, if you’re cautious not to get it wet or leave it in contact with your skin without having a break overnight then this shouldn’t be an issue.

Sadly, though, it’s to be expected when you purchase costume jewelry over something far more expensive.

In terms of other rose gold plated rings available on the market, this is exceptional value for around $30, especially when you consider the quality of the cubic zirconia in the middle setting. Provided you take special care of it and keep it clean, this ring will last you for many years and is sure to get heads turning too.

Bamoer Twist Rose Gold Ring

Whether you want to treat that special someone in your life or give yourself a gift that will make you feel like a princess, this twist rose gold eternity ring from Bamoer is the choice for you. Featuring stunning rose gold plated 925 sterling silver, it looks just like the real thing and has the durability and strength of real gold as well.

Bamoer Twist Rose Gold Ring On White Background


The Bamoer Twist Rose Gold Ring features a unique design of two bands that intertwine, with cubic zirconia sprinkled throughout to give a simple but elegant look. This romantic ring is ideal for all types of outfits and can add some romance for any look you’re going for just by placing it on your finger.

This ring would make the ideal gift for a loved one, or as a promise ring to be gifted to someone to prove your commitment to them.

Bamoer has a 100% perfection guarantee on all of their jewelry pieces, and this twist rose gold ring is no exception. If you’re not completely happy with the product that you receive they’ll gladly replace it and refund your money, which is exceptional service when you consider the low cost of around $12 for a rose gold plated ring.

All of the reviews have marveled at how well made it was, and that the color didn’t fade or tarnish as you find with some other brands of costume jewelry.

One thing that may be an issue to some is that the color of the rose gold is a little darker than what you might expect, so if you’re looking for a lighter blush or pink color from your rose gold then you’ll need to shop around. Although high quality and well made, the rose gold may be too dark for some people’s liking so you need to be sure it’s the tone that you’re after.

Mariell Rose Gold Bridal Headband

No bridal outfit would be complete without a gorgeous gold headband or tiara topping their head, and this rose gold bridal headband from Mariell would be just the thing to make any bride feel like a princess.

Made from stunning 14k rose gold plated flexible ribbon, this Mariell headband is the perfect complement to any wedding dress or style that a blushing bride might be after, and it has the ability to be worn again throughout your life thanks to its solid quality.

This rose gold bridal headband is in a crown style, and nestled among the twisting gold band is a floral design and Austrian crystals throughout. The headband also features freshwater pearls for an added romantic touch and makes it appear even more valuable than it really is.

Mariell Rose Gold Wedding Bridal Headband with Round Crystals and Ivory Ribbons


For under $40 you could be confused for thinking this was worth thousands as it looks as if it were professionally made of only the finest materials, and it feels just as durable too.

The Mariell Rose Gold Bridal Headband comes in a stunning gift box as well, so if it’s not for your personally then it would make a lovely present for a bride, bridesmaid, flower girl, or another member of your bridal party.

Best of all, Mariell has offered a 100% guarantee to refund your headband should you not be happy, so there’s no need to worry about receiving something less than perfect.

Some reviews have stated that the headband can be a little wiry, however, for others, this was an advantage that allowed it to sit firmly in their hair and not move during their big day. If you’re looking for something easy for your hairdresser to work with, this will be a huge advantage for you, but if comfort is your preference you might need to look elsewhere.

Either way, for the low cost and stunning romantic vine design, this Mariell Rose Gold Bridal Headband is an exceptional piece of jewelry for your head.

Final Verdict

The rose gold trend is one that doesn’t appear to be going away, with this stunning hue now being featured on all of the finest accessories. Rose gold is one of the most versatile colors with the ability to complement most styles but do so in a simple and uniquely romantic way.

If you’re looking for some more pizazz, it provides the perfect backdrop to gems and diamonds and can make you feel like a million dollars just with the addition of one accessory.

With so many stunning accessories now available in rose gold, it can be hard to find just one to call your favorite. Depending on the situation, though, you shouldn’t have to settle on just one and could buy them all to suit your different needs and styles.

Because they’re all so affordable it’s never been easier to have a selection of the finest rose gold accessories to match with all of your outfits.

Rose Gold Gift Set

Our choice for the best rose gold bracelet would have to be the cuff from Kendasun Jewelry. Aside from the stunning engraved message and thick, reliable build, this showcase the exact simple and romantic feel that rose gold is known for and at such an affordable price.

With their lifetime guarantee as well you can be sure that you’re getting a quality piece for a fraction of the price, so it’s a bargain you just can’t go past.

When you’re looking for a piece of rose gold for your finger, the top choice is Bamoer Twist Ring. This stunningly designed ring looks like it cost thousands of dollars, made with a delicate mix of two bands, gems and crystals stamped throughout, and all for a very low price.

It has the ability to dress up any outfit or be worn as a simple statement piece, so it’s extremely versatile as well, and could even be used as a rose gold engagement ring if you had that special someone in your life.

Whichever of these stunning pieces you decide to invest in, you’ll feel elegant and romantic with a touch of rose gold on your wrist or arm. The precious hue gives a modern alternative to yellow and white gold with a look that is completely unique, and it can transform you instantly into feeling like a million dollars when you only have to spend a small fraction to achieve the look.

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