6 Best Sorority Gift Ideas For Your Sisters

6 Best Sorority Gift Ideas For Your Sisters

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift for your bestie, your big, or your little, it can be hard to look through the hundreds of options to get something that really suits their personality. Sorority girls are a special kind, and they deserve a specially thought out gift that really speaks to your unique relationship with them as a sister.

Here are some of the top choices for a sorority gift idea that can suit all kinds of girls, all personalities, and all interests. These unique gifts would suit Christmas time, birthdays, or just a special way to thank them for always being there during this wonderful period spent together.

Rose Gold Accessories

It’s no secret that rose gold is the hottest color of the season, and it’s on the wanted list of every sorority girl across the country. Rose gold is a modern, classical, and romantic alternative to the dated looks of yellow gold and silver, and this youthful color is the perfect choice for a sorority girl.

Rose Gold Edition Fitbit Alta HR

Rose gold accessories now cater to everything from the hottest tech gadgets like fitness trackers and USB hubs, or stunning jewelry pieces like rose gold rings and rose gold headbands. No matter which you choose, your sister will be absolutely thrilled that they get to wear stylish rose gold on them throughout the day.

Pool Toys

Nothing amps up a pool party like a pool toy, and for the sorority girl who spends her time relaxing by the water, there’s no better gift. Pool toys nowadays are far more advanced than the simple floating mattress that you might have seen and can cater to a whole range of activities and personalities.

The hottest pool toys of the moments are oversized animals and figures, such as huge flamingos, ice cream cones, and unicorns.

These jumbo sized pool toys are great for parties or simply laying around in style, and it’s a gift that can complement your sorority sister’s fun personality. Best of all, if you choose one big enough they might even let you hop aboard and share!

Personalized Water Bottles

When you’re looking for a gift to suit a sorority sister with an interest in health and wellbeing, an insulated water bottle is an easy choice. However, a plain old water bottle might not be thrilling enough and so you can customize your product with a design that suits their personality.

Sorority Personalized Water Bottle

Personalized water bottles for sorority sisters might feature your Greek letters or their name, and a range of design options such as flowers, stars, or patterns that can give them a unique twist. Not only will it look cool, but it will keep them hydrated throughout their classes and the day for a gift that they’ll truly get some use from.

Emoji Style Clothing

For the fun sorority girl in your life, why not get them some clothing to suit their wild personality. The latest trend of emoji style clothing is the perfect choice for a girl with a silly side, and thankfully these friendly emojis now adorn almost anything you can think of.

Whether you want to invest in some socks, pajamas, and even party dresses, emoji style clothing is a stylish but fun gift to give. If you’re buying a gift for more than one sister, you might want to choose an emoji that best suits each girl for a fun present that you can all rock out at the same time.

House Key Rings

When you have a bunch of keys for your sorority house, and many girls to own them, a great choice for a gift can be personalized key chains for each member of the house. There are so many gorgeous designs now available including tassels, rose gold prints, and even leather accessories, so you’re bound to find something to suit every style.

Rose Gold Key Rings

Each key chain can be engraved with your house letters so that everyone has something matching, and this is a fun way to show everyone where you belong. A key ring is a simple and affordable gift that strengthens your sisterhood and means that nobody feels left out when it’s time to present the gifts.

Sorority Paddles

As one of the most traditional symbols of sorority and fraternity life, giving the gift of a sorority paddle can be a fun approach to take. Sorority Paddles can be customized with your house letters, and you can even have them made for each member of the house.

Sorority Paddles can be used to decorate your house, and although some people might leave them behind as a memory for new members of the house, they also make a great keepsake of your time shared together as sisters. Either way, these are a sentimental gift and one that you can customize to meet the unique style of each of your friends.

Treat The Sorority Girl In Your Life

Any of these gifts would be an in ideal choice for a sorority girl in your life, such as a daughter or sister, even if you don’t share a house with them. Sorority girls have special personalities, and although they often stick together, you can find a gift that speaks to their unique spirit and helps them to stand out from the crowd.

Happy Sorority Girls

Giving a gift to your sorority sister can be a special way to show them how much your relationship means, and with the unique bond that sorority sisters share these gifts are the perfect way to signify that. Any of these gifts would make the perfect pick for sisters of all backgrounds, so all you need to do is choose one that matches her wonderful spirit best.

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